Dating siracusa sicily

Half an hour drive from Siracusa, on the north shore, lies the archaeological site of Megara Hyblaea (o Megara Iblea), first a Greek then a roman town, which ruins represent the most well preserved model of ancient town.

As for the sea, the leg of shore north of Siracusa is pretty ugly and spoilt by the chemical plants installed in the area.

Ortigia , with a prevailing medieval and baroque look, is a nice place to go for a walk and stroll around the streets, lanes and squares.

In Piazza Pancali lies the Doric temple of Apollo, dating back from the VII-VI century b.

If you look for a quieter place, then you should walk a little further to reach one of the numerous lonely rocky coves.

Palazzo Bellomo and Palazzo Parisio host the Regional Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, a notable collection which is currently under maintenance.C., of which remain the base, the columns and the south wall.Piazza Archimede is the main square of Ortigia, with a beautiful mountain representing the goddess Artemisia, symbol of Ortigia; the square lies a few minutes walk from Palazzo Montalto, dating from 1397.At its height, Syracuse was the most powerful city in Sicily and, according to Cicero, was the “most beautiful” of all Greek cities.By the fifth to fourth century BC, Syracuse controlled Sicily, especially during the reign of Dionysus the Elder (405BC-367BC).

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