Desperate dating signs

There is nothing wrong with taking the direct approach: you see a hot chick at a bar and you walk right up to her and give her your best shot, then say something without having a clue if she’s interested in you, or not.The problem is that you’ll look like a total nerd if you don’t know the signs a woman is interested in you.He gets away with it all because he knows, just like you know, that you are too afraid to rock the boat and risk his leaving than to cut his fool tail loose and hand him his walking papers in a hand basket. I’ve known women obviously getting beat down by their men on a regular basis and others who’ve been mollywhopped by rants and raves about their worthlessness.But they still find a reason to defend their man’s honor — not only because they’re conditioned to put him on a pedestal, but because they’re so scared of him, they’d rather pardon the behavior than confront the obvious fact that he’s not worth the emotional and mental investment. You haven’t been single longer than a week in your whole adult life. Worst-case scenario, he says no, and then condescendingly asks for a hug, not that that actually happened to an actual person who writes for Cosmo or anything. RELATED: Yes, You Should Totally Ask Him Out How to Ask a Guy Out Follow Anna on Twitter.

You’re constantly defending him from your family and friends (or not telling them the whole truth about your situation).

And so it goes on unchecked for ages, all the while chipping at their self-worth and, sometimes, their personal health and safety.

Still, there are signs, indications a woman is more crazy about the idea of a man than the man himself.

With no chance to go into the next relationship refreshed and renewed because there’s just not enough time, compulsive man-seekers sacrifice a lot for the sake of having a warm body in their beds or a new beau by their sides.

Trouble is, most of these ladies don’t recognize their addiction to that new boo euphoria or the reliance on having a man at their disposal.

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