Do austin and ally end up dating

Chad Without a Chance - Spas & Spices Boy promises girl to take care of something that is important to her while she goes relaxing at the beach/spa, he fails at it.

Promises and Prom-misses - Club Owners & Quinceañeras Boy and girl have a fake date that feels very real. Holiday Special - Mix Ups & Mistletoes Even the pianos are the same color.

"Maybe," she said."Look, it's not a big deal, okay?

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Poll’d Apart - Bloggers & Butterflies A hater blogger gets the main character in trouble.Sonny With a Chance of Dating - Campers & Complications Sonny/Ally goes on a date with a guy, Chad/Austin gets jealous, then she realizes the guy is not right for her.At the end, she has an almost kiss with Chad/Austin. Unicycles For Life, Totally Not An Otaku, mypower, Acin_Grayson, Death Follows Me, Radicalmuffin808, jayydem, salemkarr, ANanny Mouse, thegirlinthedress, Biblio Matsuri, Hellonightmares, lovingyou13, Teal Unicorn267, marriedtojbiebs, snowflake97, un Deleterious, esoesunafarsa, Digi Girl101, Jingle, flatsound, queensansaitn, gon, Ophelia Marina, evol_love, and electrumqueen as well as 43 guests left kudos on this work!I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, given the fact that the producers of SWAC are the same as A&A, and that I, on former posts, have stated my love for both shows, I can’t help but to notice some similarities with certain episodes.

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